Suppliers of Oshenite® renewable performance mineral

What is Oshenite®?

Oshenite® is oolitic aragonite, an ultra-pure mineral with a unique crystalline structure. The minerals are created constantly as part of a unique ocean cycle on the Bahama Bank and represent a renewable resource of naturally precipitated calcium carbonate. U.S. Aragonite Entreprises distributes this supply of minerals to the plastics industry as Oshenite®, the brand reinventing how plastics are made.



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What is a precipitated calcium carbonate? Is Oshenite precipitated Calcium Carbonate (PCC) different from other PCC's? read more>




How is Oshenite® naturally precipitated?

As the tides change on the great Bahaman Bank, cooler waters rich in CO2 rush into the turbulent shallow shoals where a rapid heating of the Caribbean waters occur. [see NASA map of ocean currents/temperatures] The warmed seawater cannot release the dissolved CO2 fast enough into the atmosphere which leads to an increase in carbonate saturation. The Carbonate ions combine with Calcium in a solution that envelops nuclei suspended in the water. The nuclei consist of microscopic particles of organic and inorganic matter that the solution crystallizes on.


This process forms an oolite which is in the shape of an egg. These egg shaped oolites that form can be covered by several layers of the solution until they precipitate and fall to the shoal floor forming oolitic aragonite, a bed of ultra pure minerals. This precipitation or rain-like process appears as a white mist above the ocean surface and is scientifically known as "whitings*". The cycle happens continually birthing a renewable resource which is the source of Oshenite®.


*[ Research Abstract ] (authors L.L. Robbins, Y. Tao, C.A.Evans) re calculation of regional and temporal distribution and longevity of whitings on the Great Bahama Bank