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Oshenite® oolitic aragonite is a renewable resource

Oshenite® oolitic aragonite is a sustainable, naturally renewable source of precipitated calcium carbonate. This unique mineral, exclusively found on the Bahama bank is ultra 97-99 % pure, is continually produced as a phenomenon know as "whitings" and has physical characteristics unlike any mined or manufactured precipitated calcium carbonate.
| Sustainability Research | [ Research Abstract authors L.L. Robbins, Y. Tao, C.A.Evans) re calculation of regional and temporal distribution and longevity of whitings on the Great Bahama Bank]



Oshenite® sequesters CO2 with positive impacts

The ocean processes "whitings" that create Oshenite® oolitic aragonite sequester CO2 constantly in huge amounts as it continually regenerates. During whitings dual carbon fixing occurs; organic CO2 capture occurs during the ocean mineralization and the photosynthesis extracts inorganic carbon from the atmosphere.
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A replenishing phenomenon with vast reserves

The whitings precipitation forming the ultra-pure oolitic aragonite occurs only in the shallow turbulent waters of the Bahama Bank and not near coral reefs. It takes approximately a year for the oolite minerals to mature to harvesting size adding close to 20 million tons per year to the over 1 billion tons currently in reserve.

Optics research calculates that there are untold reserve amounts of oolitic aragonite deposits outside of the whitings area on the Greater Bahama Bank meaning that there is a constant supply of minerals and bio materials available to fuel the whitings phenonemon.
| Sustainability Research | [ Research Abstract: authors H. M. Dierssen, R. C. Zimmerman, and D. J. Burdige, Department of Marine Sciences and Geography, Univ. of Connecticut: Optics and remote sensing of Bahamian carbonate sediment whitings ]


Ocean forces behind the phenomenon

The whitings phenomenon which creates Oshenite® oolitic aragonite happens just off the Bahaman Bank a juncture where howling ocean currents and high temperatures intersect with cooler ocean waters.
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Whitings creation related to climate change and environmental factors see report>