Suppliers of Oshenite® renewable performance mineral


Empire Resource Partners Joint Venture

In a joint venture, U.S. Aragonite Enterprises partners with top recycling firm Empire Resource Partners (ERP), their North American Strategic Distributor of Oshenite® to extrusion manufacturers and those manufacturers that use recycled content in their products.



Empire Resource Partners specializes in the Extrusion and Recycling Markets, helping industrial clients optimize operations. ERP has over two decades of experience in plastics manufacturing, mold making and plastics recycling. It will use its industry knowledge to help manufacturers using Oshenite® to reduce costs of raw material acquisition as well as enhancing production performance.


To Market

Empire Resource Partners sells in bulk the Ground 2 micron Oshenite®. In many applications ERP has been successful at displacing virgin resins, with up to 25% Oshenite® loadings in the finished product. Oshenite® delivers on performance and costs savings; specifically Oshenite® can replace recycled PVC which can be difficult to procure in quantity and quality.


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