Suppliers of Oshenite® renewable performance mineral

Pinepoly with Oshenite® Inside

For more than 40 years, Pine Poly, Inc. has been a pioneer in the design and implementation of innovative, earth-friendly packaging concepts. As a made with Oshenite® partner, Pinepoly brings naturally sourced packaging to market with a its new line of "Oshenite® Inside" can liners.



Empire Resource Partners Joint Venture

In a joint venture, U.S. Aragonite Enterprises partners with top recycling firm Empire Resource Partners (ERP), their North American Strategic Distributor of Oshenite® to extrusion manufacturers and those manufacturers that use recycled content in their products.



CMS Technology Partnership

U.S. Aragonite Enterprises, partnering with CMS Technology, is bringing two new plastic enhancer products to market using the company's Fusionite™ advanced material technology. The new Fusionite™ treated renewable Oshenite® brings performance enhancements and bacteria inhibiting properties to plastics.