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CMS Technology Partnership

U.S. Aragonite Enterprises, partnering with CMS Technology, is bringing two new plastic enhancer products to market using the company's Fusionite™ advanced material technology. The new Fusionite™ treated renewable Oshenite® brings performance enhancements and bacteria inhibiting properties to plastics.



CMS Technology specializes in advanced materials and food preservative technology. U.S. Aragonite Entreprises began working with CMS several years ago to develop an innovative enhancement bringing microbial shield properties to plastics using less materials. In the process of developing the enhancement product - Fusionite™, the CMS technology team found that Oshenite® performed as an excellent carrier for the Fusionite™ to promote the durability of the plastic.


New Product Technology:

Fusionite™ works by evenly dispersing a CMS active ingredient throughout the material's structure, thus achieving maximum surface area coverage and protection. The results are cleaner, safer materials. Oshenite® is an extremely effective carrier for the ingredient and the combination of the renewable Oshenite® mineral's zeta potential and the microbial shield and strengthening properties of Fusionite™ delivers a formidable and sustainable solution to plastics packaging most particularly desired in the medical packaging, food packaging and odor control industries.


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