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Oshenite® - reinventing plastics

There has never been a material like Oshenite® because no known mineral gives you the performance and the ability to add such high percentages to plastic products until now.

U.S. Aragonite, supplier of Oshenite®, which is a naturally precipitated form of calcium carbonate, has unmatched purity and a unique crystalline structure. This has resulted in literally a new plastics material which has been run in manufactured extrusion applications at up to 50% levels.


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Oshenite Science and Technology

This section presents Oshenite mineral profiling, sustainability research and the latest tech tests on Oshenite® applications.


Oshenite Carbon Sequestration Report


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Oshenite® Heat Deflection
Heat Deflection indicates strengths for freezer to microwave application
Testing Results get info >
Fusionite™ and Oshenite® Dispersion
Dispersion improved with addition of Fusionite™
Evaluation Report of Oshenite® treated with CMS Technology's Fusionite™ in Resin improves dispersion and overall quality of plastics. get info >
Physical Properties
Oshenite® Oolitic Aragonite compared to Mined Calcium Carbonate
Oshenite® is a precipitated form of calcium carbonate completely unique to mined calcium carbonate. The Oshenite® mineral properties exhibit much higher zeta potential, crystallinity and micro porosity properties which are key to Oshenite's unique bonding and absorption potential in applications. get info >
Anti-Microbial Technology
U.S. Aragonite employs patented copper sulfate technology to produce new Oshenite® product with anti-microbial properties
Oshenite® MC with microbial controlling properties inhibits bacteria that cause food borne illnesses, odors, mold, mildew and algae in food and non-food applications get info >
Applications Testing  
Oshenite blended with COPP at up to 50% variation in injection molding part testing

Melt flow, density, tensile strength and other Oshenite® properties identified at 10%, 20%, and 50% blend with COPP. Extruded sample tests show comparable gloss levels to 100% COPP

A Blown Film comparison testing indicates adding Oshenite® at 20% or more reduces energy required to process

Preliminary results from 3rd party independent research indicates strong potential to use Oshenite® at up to 40% and documents product enhancement levels

Environmental Sustainability Research  
USDA Lab tests confirm that oolitic aragonite Oshenite® is a renewable resource

Standard test for renewable sources determines 62% of Oshenite was formed in the last 3-5 years, proving that it is being constantly renewed in the shallow waters of the Bahamas

Calculation of regional and temporal distribution and longevity of whitings (suspended calcium carbonate, i.e., Oshenite's source) on the Great Bahama Bank  

[ Research Abstract: authors L.L. Robbins, Y. Tao, C.A.Evans ] scientific study tracking tonnage, consistency and re-occurring cycle of oolitic aragonite calcium carbonate formation

Oshenite® Oolitic Aragonite Certifications  
Oshenite Renewable Resource Certificate of Analysis
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FDA compliant  

FDA relevant regulations and approval of Oshenite® for use in food products

Oshenite® Data Sheets  

MSDS sheets

Oshenite® Product Data Sheets

Oshenite® Oolitic Aragonite Mineral Profiles  

Aragonite Content Analysis

Aragonite Calcium Carbonate Content