Suppliers of Oshenite® renewable performance mineral


Q: How is Oshenite® precipitated calcium carbonate different from other calcium carbonates? What does precipitated mean?

A: The Oshenite® mineral is naturally created in the ocean as small organic matter are churned in carbonate rich waters, building concentric layers to form an oolite. As they become heavy, millions of these oolites "precipitate" or drop like rain to the ocean floor to create a vast mineral bed of ultra pure calcium carbonate. This process creates a white mist known as "whitings" above the water.
Calcium carbonate can be chemical created for high purity in the lab but at great expense.


Q: Is Oshenite® oolitic aragonite a renewable resource?

A: Yes; Oshenite® oolitic aragonite is a natural continually produced mineral, precipitated from ocean water when the saturation of calcium carbonate in the cold water interacts with the warm waters of the Gulf Stream on the Great Bahamas Bank. It is continually produced in the water column at the rate of approximately 40 billion pounds annually. Particles take approx 1 year to mature for harvesting.


Q: Why is Oshenite® the world's only renewable performance mineral?

A: It is constantly created in the Bahama seas as an ultra pure naturally precipitated calcium carbonate. It offers physical, processing and production benefits over mined calcium carbonate, talc and other "fillers" traditionally used in the plastics industry.


Q: How will I see economic benefits with Oshenite®?

A: The supply stable, less expensive Oshenite® replaces higher priced constantly changing plastic resins in a product. This means a lower the cost per item (bag,tray,container etc.) The purity, consistency and unique crystaline structure of Oshenite® allow for excellent dispersion and much higher percentages to be used compared to mined calcium carbonate . These same characteristics also allow for lower processing temps, faster cycle times and other manufacturing cost benefits including potential down gauging.


Q: What is the supply availability of Oshenite®?

A: The harvesting rights area naturally produces approximately 2 million tons (4 billion lbs.) a year in addition to the 1 billion ton reserve of Oshenite® available.


Q: What is consistency of Oshenite® oolite aragonite material compared to calcium carbonate?

A: The ocean precipitated oolitic aragonite is much more consistent in quality and color compared to other calcium carbonates. This is because the physical and chemical characteristics are always the same due to being naturally produced in the same method, at the same place and under the same conditions. Mined calcium carbonate varies significantly based on the source mine as well as where within the mine it comes from.


Q: Is Oshenite® oolitic aragonite certified?

A: Aragonite meets FDA standards for food contact applications.