Suppliers of Oshenite® renewable performance mineral


Oshenite® is a renewable mineral offering sustainability and performance benefits with cost advantages. It  offers a practical path to enhanced sustainability.


The mineral's unique characteristics allow manufacturers to increase the percentage used by two to three times compared to traditional mined mineral fillers and can reduce overall plastic resin needed by up to 60% depending on the application. Offering improved production efficiencies and decreased energy usage, Oshenite® also improves physical and performance characteristics allowing for down gauging and source reduction.


Purest form of naturally precipitated calcium carbonate:

  • 97%-99% pure with extremely low levels of trace elements such as Iron and lead


Sustainable material:

  • Oshenite® oolitic aragonite precipitates in the water column on a daily basis, so it is a naturally renewable resource
  • It is USDA research confirmed natural resource that can replace fossil fuel resins in most plastic products


Offers Positive Carbon footprint:

  • The use of Oshenite® represents a significant value-added proposition for sustainable brand owners as it sequesters carbon in significant and substantiated amounts.Example - A company using 1mm lbs. of Oshenite takes 4400 lbs. of carbon out of atmosphere reducing their overall carbon footprint.



  • As a naturally created ultra-pure ocean mineral, Oshenite® is recyclable. As a product component in plastics applications it does not affect the recycling process.


Economic advantages:

  • Because of its natural purity, higher application percentages (2-3 times as much) compared to mined calcium carbonate, Oshenite® can be added to plastic products resulting in significant cost savings
  • Significant energy savings are achieved when replacing plastic resin with Oshenite®; the higher the percentage of Oshenite® content, the greater the savings


Processing improvements:

  • Unlike traditional or mined limestone products, Oshenite® oolitic aragonite naturally occurs as very small particles and requires much less processing compared to mined minerals.
  • Even dispersion in both master batch and processing offer manufacturing benefits and improved material consistency


Product performance:

  • Finished product quality and consistency (film, containers, packaging, etc.) is improved due to purity and even dispersion during processing


Custom availability:

  • In PP, PE and PS carriers with up to 80% load


Proven applications:

  • Blown film, injection or blow molded products, thermoformed sheeting and EPS foam



  • Improved clarity compared to mined calcium carbonate


Ink adhesion:

  • Improved ink and coatings adhesion when added to film and sheeting


FDA approved:

  • For food packaging, same as traditional calcium carbonate